About Opine Apparatus

Opine Apparatus is a confluence of  bloggers, each with their own thoughts and perspectives, looking to start a discussion.  Opine Apparatus is just that, a discussion.  The goal is to have many and varying points of view on a variety of topics in hopes of having an interesting and engaging dialogue.  Let's hope for success!

Each Opine Apparatus contributor will be expected to:
  • treat all other contributors with the respect they would expect for themselves
  • be considerate of other points of view
  • provide fully developed posts that support the topic; no one sentence retorts or questions
  • not resort to name calling or ad hominem attacks
  • post from time to time with a new topic and further the discussion on established topics
Opine Apparatus is an open dialogue for all to contribute to, so use the comment section to join the conversation.  Please be respectful and considerate, but feel free to opine.